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WoodGnome Woodgnome. Hey guys, as I have been asked to bring some info about German knife makers from Solingen, this is what I came up with: In this thread I will introduce knife makers and knife making companies from Solingen, Germany. It'll contain info on the founding history, the smith marks and what the families and companies are doing today. Because over the centuries there have been so many knife makers in that area, I will mainly concentrate on those who make or made in the past knives that are useful to the outdoors such as hunting knives, outdoor knives, machetes and pocket knives.

There are really lots of them out there, so it would be impossible to come up with a complete anthology in just one posting. To get the character of an anthology however, I'd ask you not to post in this thread but pm me whatever questions you have. I'll answer them and we'll put them where they fit. You may press the "Thank you" button, however.

So for the beginning I have decided to come up with one of the oldest maker families there is: Greetz, WG. Last edited: Feb 2, Zwilling Solingen Zwilling Messer The company was founded on June 13 sign of the gemini, as the name "Zwilling" translates by Peter Henckels and is one of the oldest knife making companies in the world. The smith's mark of the gemini was taken into the Solingen knife maker's roll the day Henckels signed up his business. The name of the company however came up some time later, when one of Henckels' decendants - Johann Abraham Henckels - took over and named the company after the smith's mark already existing.

This has been the name of the company ever since: Zwilling J. Henckels - sometimes you also may find J. Henckels Zwillingswerk or Zwillingsmesser - depending on the time the blade was made. Today the company mainly produces pedicure and manicure equipment along with kitchen knives.

SA Dagger Maker Marks

However, there are some limited edition series of pocket knives going out from time to time. Zwilling has also become famous for a special treatment of one of its product lines.Solingen is a city of rivers. These factories were also easy to convert to steam or diesel power as a centrally installed engine could replace the water wheel while the factory-wide drive shafts and belting required no alteration.

Swords in their entirety were produced in Solingen, but the resident companies also exported many unmounted blades to other cutlers and fourbisseurs worldwide for assembly. Relics of blademaking exist everywhere in the city. Huge stone grinding wheels can be seen in gardens, churches, or town squares and sometimes alongside rusting forge hammers.

Even some graffiti will feature sword components. Its dichotomy of beautiful neighborhoods against factory smokestacks is quite pleasing. Deutches Klingenmuseum : A museum dedicated to the manufacture and history of German blades. Some traveling exhibits and demonstrations that may be listed on their website. Balkhauser Kotten : A gorgeous and well-maintained blade grinding cottage. Wipperkotten : Similar to the Balkhauser Kotten as a working museum of the small blade making cottage.

Industry Museum : An excellent museum of the industrial age factory production of blades and scissors. All original machinery, dies, hammers and tools are in place and detail how blades were forged from beginning to end. One truly understands how innovative these cutlers were at streamlining the complicated forging and finishing processes edged implements require.

The Plagiarius Museum : A small museum dedicated to plagiarism by comparing the original products to their cheap replications. The collections must be accessed through an attendant and cannot be freely browsed, so this archive is particularly for researchers. Grafrath: Historic district with half timbered houses with green shutters. Great for meals and unwinding.

Wuppertal Suspension Railway : Built between and it remains a monument to the industriousness of the area. Scissors made in Solingen Flywheel system at scissor factory Scissor tools and dies Scissor factory in Solingen Cutlery workbench in Solingen Diesel factory engine in Solingen.There are a total of known makers of early German SA and NSKK dagger producing betweenthis number dropped to 62 once the RZM system was adopted and only select companies gained manufacturing contracts.

A few companies appear to have continued to use a maker mark for a period after that according to the new legislation and guidelines instituted by the Reichszeugmeisterei der NSDAP and should be marked only with the companies identifier RZM code. The reason for this is unknown although it may just be a case of utilizing excess parts in the later assembly of SA and NSKK daggers post All rights reserved.

Early Aesculap SA Dagger. Early SA Dagger by Asso. Early SA Dagger by F. Early SA Dagger by B. Early SA Dagger by E. Early SA Dagger by Gebr.

Early SA by Gebr. Early SA Dagger by Hubeo. Early SA Dagger by Bismarck. Bohme Nachfl. Early SA Dagger by Ernst. Early SA Dagger by Christianswerk. Early SA Dagger by J. SA Dagger by Paul Ebel. Early Epp. SA Dagger. Early SA Dagger by G. Felix Gloriawerk. Early SA Dagger by Rob.

Early SA Dagger by Haco. Early SA Dagger by Haenel. Early Halbach SA Dagger. Early Rich. Hartkopf SA Dagger. Early SA Dagger by Helbig. HenckelsTransitional SA Dagger. Early SA Dagger by H. Early SA Dagger by Justinuswerk. Kaldenbach SA Dagger. Transitional SA by Klaas.Home Gallery This maker mark section has been reproduced by kind permission of Bernie Brule.

Bernie offers special research sevices to collectors of Third Reich Militaria items. Please visit his site listed in the Links section of this site.

solingen makers marks

Prior toThird Reich edged weapon manufacturers proudly placed their logo also known as a maker mark on the reverse of their blades.

Inmanufacturers reluctantly began to replace their logos with the codes assigned to them by the RZM Office.

The RZM code was used on political blades only and were not used on military blades. Maker marks continued to be used on Army, Navy and Luftwaffe edged weapons until blade production ceased in swords and daggers.

Aros x64

The following is a list of known edged weapon manufacturer's RZM codes taken from Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich by Tom Johnson who has kindly allowed me to use this information from his best selling series. Tom has also gracioulsy allowed me to use the logos from his book.

Just as some firms were assigned more than one RZM code, I believe that some firms were never assigned one. For example, if a firm only made edged weapons for the Wehrmachtthey would not require one. If you can fill in some of the holes in this information, please let me know and I will include it. Code Logo.

German Bayonet Makers 1871–1918

Maker Marks Prior toThird Reich edged weapon manufacturers proudly placed their logo also known as a maker mark on the reverse of their blades. Also David Malsch Also Gustav C. Spitzer Also Juliuswerk - J. Carl Malsch-Spitzer Also Carl Wusthof Gladiatorwerk. Ernst E. Alcoso Alexander Coppel. This appears to be two different logos for the same maker. Anyone have any info on this one? Kugel B. Fink I think.

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There also exist codes that do not conform to the normal RZM pattern. The year of manufacture is normally found following the 3 or 4 digit code. This list is by no means complete.Yes No Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Very helpful, hard working salesperson. Jasmine was on her game. Yes No Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Requested items to be fixed.

Putting A Makers Mark On A Knife

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solingen makers marks

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solingen makers marks

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